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DXCanvas – a canvas implementation for DesktopX

Every major browser has support for it, Yahoo! Widgets has support for it, how come there isn’t something for DesktopX? Enter DXCanvas, a DesktopX drawing plugin that implements the Canvas spec (plus some DesktopX-specific additions). How does it work DXCanvas is a DesktopX drawing plugin, which means it takes over drawing for the object it […]

Flurry Update (1.3.1)

The biggest new feature is the furry editor. It allows you to design your own flurries and easily share them with your friends. I’ve also added an UI for assigning per-monitor flurries. You can now have a different flurry on each of your monitors. It has an updated configuration UI that exposes some existing options: […]

Valentine’s Dynamic Dream Progress

Since the last update, most of the work has been directed towards the configuration UI. Loading and saving settings is now fully implemented. I also added a slider to modify the size of the particles. What’s not working correctly yet: Applying a new configuration is causing the dream to reset. The colorize shader still needs […]

First look at the Valentine Dream

Here we go: a very crude version of the configuration UI and two screenshots of the dream (with and without a background). The configuration is loaded from the registry at startup (and initialized if the dream is started for the first time). You can tweak it by changing the registry keys as the UI is […]

Valentine Day Dynamic Dream

For valentine day, I decided to create a new dynamic dream: it will be an "animated" heart using particles. Time is limited, so I’m doing something simple. You will be able to tweak some settings such as change the color & background, but most things will be hard-coded. It will use some particle system to […]

DreamBuilder – A command-line Dream builder

If you have tried to make Dreams in the past, you have been using DreamMaker. This application allows you to take a video file (or several of them in case of a trigger-based Dream) and "compile" it into a .Dream file. This Dream file also contains other information such as the name of the author, […]

LogonSwitcher 0.8 Technical Preview


I’ve been sitting on that one for quite some time. It’s still not in a good enough state to be called a beta (or even alpha), hence the technical preview. It comes bundled with one logon (by yours truly 🙂 ). The included logon is still a work in progress: stock buttons, no custom sound, […]

TaskManagerEx for Windows Vista

Windows Task Manager (Extended) (2)

TaskManagerEx is a Task Manager add-on I’ve been using for a while. It adds a lot of new functions to the standard task manager. It will allow access to processes modules, opened files and kernel handles lists, as well as memory map & file properties. In addition to those, it also slightly improves the Task […]

Volume Control, DesktopX plugin and other news

Volume Control, DesktopX plugin and other news

Volume Control and the DXVolumeControl plugin have been uploaded to Wincustomize. You should be able to get them in a few days. Here are the links: Volume Control and DXVolumeControl (they haven’t been moderated as of today, so you will have to wait a little bit). After finishing the Vista version of the Volume Control widget, I […]