TaskManagerEx for Windows Vista

TaskManagerEx is a Task Manager add-on I’ve been using for a while. It adds a lot of new functions to the standard task manager. It will allow access to processes modules, opened files and kernel handles lists, as well as memory map & file properties. In addition to those, it also slightly improves the Task Manager UI by adding an icon in front of each running process and by highlighting service processes. Windows Task Manager (Extended) (2)

The currently available version runs on Vista but due to changes to the Task Manager, the context menu functionality is broken.

The updated version has the following changes:

  • New icons for services, “unknown” processes & main program
  • Updated context menu (moved items to a submenu to reduce clutter)
  • Removed splash screen & Russian translation
  • New image for tooltips
  • New toolbar images (WIP)
  • Source code cleanup


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