Valentine’s Dynamic Dream Progress

Valentine Dream Configuration Window

Since the last update, most of the work has been directed towards the configuration UI. Loading and saving settings is now fully implemented. I also added a slider to modify the size of the particles.

What’s not working correctly yet:

  • Applying a new configuration is causing the dream to reset.
  • The colorize shader still needs some work to make it use the particle color (the color is hard-coded right now).
  • More particle textures are needed
  • The colors need to be tweaked
  • The "scaling" code (to adapt to the different quality settings) is not working properly.
  • A few potential bugs in the config code 🙂

You can download a zip file containing the dll files and the resources, as well as a test program named TestDream that will load the dream inside it’s own window. Simply open a command prompt and launch it with "TestDream.exe Valentine32.dll".

There is also a .Dream file inside, but remember that it hasn’t be tested extensively, so use it with caution (make sure to take a look at the readme file).

Download: Valentine Dream Test Build

Valentine Red Valentine Rose