Category: Dreams

  • Nightmares – a dynamic dream testing utility

    Nightmares is a small application created to test dynamic dreams. It runs them in a window, allowing you to debug them easily or to record a preview video. You can set the window size (default is 800×600), chose an output file and FourCC code for the output video. It currently only runs unprotected dreams: the […]

  • TestDream Application

    Progress !   Still some bugs with the Bouncing Box sample, but it’s getting there. Now let’s proxy some dlls 😀

  • Valentine Dream released!

    You can download it from Wincustomize. Changes from the previous version: New "Heart" particle texture Blur is disabled by default (only for first time install) Toned down the blurring    Fixed configuration window (no more reloading of the Dream on configuration change) Fixed reloading of textures Fixed behavior on higher quality settings Fixed crash in update […]

  • Valentine’s Dynamic Dream Progress

    Since the last update, most of the work has been directed towards the configuration UI. Loading and saving settings is now fully implemented. I also added a slider to modify the size of the particles. What’s not working correctly yet: Applying a new configuration is causing the dream to reset. The colorize shader still needs […]

  • First look at the Valentine Dream

    Here we go: a very crude version of the configuration UI and two screenshots of the dream (with and without a background). The configuration is loaded from the registry at startup (and initialized if the dream is started for the first time). You can tweak it by changing the registry keys as the UI is […]

  • Valentine Day Dynamic Dream

    For valentine day, I decided to create a new dynamic dream: it will be an "animated" heart using particles. Time is limited, so I’m doing something simple. You will be able to tweak some settings such as change the color & background, but most things will be hard-coded. It will use some particle system to […]

  • Dynamic Dreams (in construction)

    After a few weeks building some tools to help me develop and debug dynamic dreams more easily, I’m back to  working on the dreams themselves. I have six dynamic dreams about to go into testing. There is still quite a lot of work to do before a public release, but they are kind of usable […]

  • DreamBuilder – A command-line Dream builder

    If you have tried to make Dreams in the past, you have been using DreamMaker. This application allows you to take a video file (or several of them in case of a trigger-based Dream) and "compile" it into a .Dream file. This Dream file also contains other information such as the name of the author, […]