Dynamic Dreams (in construction)

PlaneStateAfter a few weeks building some tools to help me develop and debug dynamic dreams more easily, I’m back to  working on the dreams themselves. I have six dynamic dreams about to go into testing. There is still quite a lot of work to do before a public release, but they are kind of usable and shouldn’t crash explorer randomly 🙂

The most visible thing lacking is a proper configuration UI. Most of the settings are currently either hard-coded or read from a XML file (instead of the registry).

Those dreams are ports of XboxMediaCenter screensavers. Those are licensed under the GPL, so all source code will be available with the public release.

There are other screensavers in the collection, but they are not yet ready for testing. I will probably not release all of them (some do not make good dreams or are too hard to port).

Here is a description of the Dreams:MatrixTrails

  • Asteroids: a simple asteroids game simulation (note: the IA is not really good at the game…).
  • BioGenesis: this dream implements a ‘game of life’ simulation. Not spectacular, but kind of mesmerizing to look at 🙂
  • MatrixTrails: the famous matrix letter effect. Really nice one!
  • PingPong: the pong game (without score)
  • PlaneState: this one is an adaptation of the PlaneState Screensaver. The different configurations are hard-coded and chosen randomly on startup.
  • Stars: moving through a star field. A great demo, but probably not recommended for everyday use.
BioGenesis Asteroids
PingPong Stars

Don’t hold you breath though, they probably won’t be released publicly until Stardock makes the Dream SDK available.