DXTaskbar7: a DesktopX plugin to access Windows 7 taskbar extensions


With Windows 7 a few months away, it was time to bring some of the new features to DesktopX. One of the things gadgets could really benefit from is the new extended taskbar. It has a few new options such as jump lists, tasks, thumbnails toolbars, icon overlays, progress bars and thumbnails. DXTaskbar7 is a […]

Animator Script Component 1.1


A small update for the Animator Component is now available. Changes from the internal version have been merged and a new method to remove all animations related to a specific object has been added. The Animator Sample now has checkboxes to enable/disable a specific animation and the requested script “export” has been added. You can […]

DXCanvas 2.0


I released an update for DXCanvas yesterday. This new version is in sync with the latest Canvas specifications. Error handling has been overhauled and is now closer to the spec (some things still aren’t the same as we are not running inside a browser and thus do not have access to a real DOM tree). […]



DockletX is a plugin for DesktopX that allows you to run ObjectDock docklets on your Desktop. It implements the ObjectDock Docklet host interface and can load pretty much any docklets built for ObjectDock. A few things are not implemented at this time: Attention animations (such as glow or bounce) Export (running as a gadget is […]

.Net 2.0 support for ObjectDock


It’s been available for some time from Wincustomize but I never did any big announcement. The old .Net  docklet for ObjectDock was compiled with .Net 1.0 and thus wasn’t working on newer version of the Framework. It also had problems on Vista with plugin registration which didn’t work with UAC on. The new version is […]

Animator Script Component for DesktopX


I have this animation script I wrote 2 years ago for a widget (that I never finished), and I recently got back to work on a package tracking widget that is going to use some part of it. Still 70% of the script is never going to be used and I don’t want to throw […]

DXCanvas 1.1


The final 1.1 version of DXCanvas is now available directly from here or on Wincustomize. There is now two new functions available from script allowing you to suspend the canvas drawing updates. This allows you to do all the drawing necessary for a frame of animation and refresh the canvas at the end, instead of […]

DXCanvas 1.1 Beta


This small update brings a proper shadow implementation with blurring, two new functions (textPath and textAlongPath) and a few bug fixes. textAlongPath is still somewhat buggy with multi-segment paths but otherwise works great (see the TextWave demo). I fixed a few problems with arcTo that wasn’t working as specified and made a few changes here […]

Nightmares – a dynamic dream testing utility

Nightmares is a small application created to test dynamic dreams. It runs them in a window, allowing you to debug them easily or to record a preview video. You can set the window size (default is 800×600), chose an output file and FourCC code for the output video. It currently only runs unprotected dreams: the […]

DXCanvas – a canvas implementation for DesktopX

Every major browser has support for it, Yahoo! Widgets has support for it, how come there isn’t something for DesktopX? Enter DXCanvas, a DesktopX drawing plugin that implements the Canvas spec (plus some DesktopX-specific additions). How does it work DXCanvas is a DesktopX drawing plugin, which means it takes over drawing for the object it […]