DXCanvas 2.0

image I released an update for DXCanvas yesterday. This new version is in sync with the latest Canvas specifications. Error handling has been overhauled and is now closer to the spec (some things still aren’t the same as we are not running inside a browser and thus do not have access to a real DOM tree).

The Canvas Controller widget has received a lot of updates and can now run the Canvas test suite and generate a test report. We now pass 92.1% of the tests.

The source code has also been moved to a public repository on Google Code.


You can get DXCanvas from here or from Wincustomize.


2.0 Build 174:

  • Sync with the latest version of the Canvas specifications
  • Added new createImageDataFrom function to create an new ImageData instance using an existing one dimensions
  • Exceptions now return the correct DOMException error code
  • Completed documentation of IDL interface
  • Updated Canvas Controller with a pin to desktop icon
  • Integrated test suite into Canvas Controller (allows to run all tests at once and generate a report)
  • Updated test suite generator to parse the XML generated by Canvas Controller
  • Fixed Canvas Controller dialog drag during long operations
  • Fixed crash on exit when BETA was expired   
  • Fixed handling of negative width&height values by drawImage
  • Fixed handling of nonfinite arguments by drawImage
  • Fixed pattern leak in drawImage
  • canvas.rect() now handles NaN and Infinity correctly
  • pattern.addColorStop() now handles NaN and Infinity correctly   
  • Tweaked text drawing on paths   
  • Updated box blur algorithm to use precomputed values (slightly faster)
  • Moved support libs to a subfolder of project   
  • Moved source code from private repository to Google Code
  • Update Cairo (HEAD), Pixman (0.15.2), Pango (1.24.2), Glib (2.20.1)