DXCanvas 1.1 Beta

DXCanvasShadowsThis small update brings a proper shadow implementation with blurring, two new functions (textPath and textAlongPath) and a few bug fixes. textAlongPath is still somewhat buggy with multi-segment paths but otherwise works great (see the TextWave demo). I fixed a few problems with arcTo that wasn’t working as specified and made a few changes here and there. More importantly, I fixed a nasty crash bug that was sometimes happening on exit.

The main thing not fixed in this version is the flickering when drawing, but I think I know what the root of the problem is and I might be able to fix it for the final 1.1 build.

You can find a beta build here.


1.1 Build 269:

  • Added textPath, textAlongPath (with stroke or fill option)
  • Added support for shadows
  • arcTo is incorrect when the three points are collinear
  • arcTo should draw a straight line from P0 to P1
  • restore() with an empty stack has no effect
  • Corrected order of data returned by getImageData (BRGA -> RGBA)
  • ImageData is now converted to non-premultiplied color
  • Preserve the current path when clipping
  • rgba colors were not converted to string properly (green had the wrong value)
  • Some composite operations are now handled correctly
  • Fixed Debug build crashing when expired
  • Fixed stack overflow crash on exit
  • Added check for font validity on assignment and fallback to default font (will raise an error in debug mode if font is incorrect)
  • Moved state management to its own class
  • Updated Cairo(1.8.4), Pixman(0.12.0), Pango(1.22.3), Glib(2.18.3) and libpng(1.2.33)