Month: February 2007

  • DXVolumeControl / Volume Control for Vista

    After finishing the Volume Control widget, I wanted to have something I could actually use. Unfortunately, the current version of DesktopX does not support the new way of changing volume in Vista. Changing volume with the DX API only changes the volume for the DX application (or widget if you are running outside of DesktopX). […]

  • Volume Control

    When I did the DXMouseWheel plugin, it was to be used in a volume control widget. As far as I know, nobody has released one yet, so why not do it myself ? I started from a speaker image shared by vica on DeviantArt in 2002 (he said it was ok to improve on it in […]

  • Getting closer to 1.0

    Today I corrected a bunch of remaining issues with LogonSwitcher. The logon preview now shows the password box correctly, the main logon list has better looking borders, etc. I tested a little bit more under VPC to make sure it applies a full logon (not only a new background) I also added some new logons using nice […]

  • Updating resources files with BMP and PNG files (with managed code)

    This only concerns Bitmap resources (RT_BITMAP). Updating others type of resources is easier and doesn’t require specific code. BMP files Inserting BMP files is quite easy. You only have to remove the header and you are good to go. int BMP_HEADER_BYTES = 14; FileStream stream = new FileStream(file,   FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read); BinaryReader reader = […]

  • Updating bitmap resources (with png files)

    Today’s probably the worst day I’ve had for quite some time. I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ve been feeling dizzy since this morning. I haven’t had much appetite for breakfast or lunch. And yet, today I finally resolved the problem that’s been bugging me for at least two weeks. How ironic ! To replace […]

  • Apply and Export animation

    The animation on Apply & Export is now done. Almost there…

  • More UI work and a few other things

    I finished the Details panel yesterday and corrected the open animation. There is still a small bug with the description that is not cleared when you select another logon and the new logon doesn’t have any description. I also replaced the old scrollbar with a new one that is better integrated with the application. The extra […]

  • Export, Glass buttons & MS Samples

    I’m now using the VistaBridge dll to get the native windows dialogs. I removed my own helper class for TaskDialogs to use the one included in the VistaBridge dll. Turns out the MS samples are full of TODO’s… Fortunately, I only needed a few things that weren’t implemented (filters in particular), so I simply added […]

  • Testing (in VPC): logon background working

    Corrected a bunch of problems with file and directory security today. The restore function (used when uninstalling or applying the default logon) is now working correctly. Updated logon replacement functions. They are now working a little bit better. Applying a logon with a background and branding images is now working. PNG files (in Bitmap section) […]

  • WPF File Dialogs

    Arghhhhhh. What is that ? Are they kidding or what ? WPF is supposed to be the next generation API and the only thing they provide out of the box is that ? Crappy Windows 95 era icons ? CHECK “classic” style drop down boxes and buttons ? CHECK What a shame really. On Vista […]