Volume Control

When I did the DXMouseWheel plugin, it was to be used in a volume control widget. As far as I know, nobody has released one yet, so why not do it myself ?

I started from a speaker image shared by vica on DeviantArt in 2002 (he said it was ok to improve on it in the comments but I sent him an email just to be sure, and I’m waiting for his authorization). I then added a red glow for the mute state and a blue glow for the 10 different ON states.

Armed with the speaker image and the eleven overlays, I jumped into DesktopX and created new objects for the speaker, the overlays and the volume text.

The script was pretty simple. I added the DXMouseWheel plugin (of course 🙂 ) and wrote the required code to respond to the mouse wheel and the middle button.

Less than two hours later (yep, I’m still slow when it comes to DX and VBScript), I have a nice little widget that allows to control the volume with the mouse wheel and mute it by pressing the middle button.

Coming to Wincustomize soon !