DXVolumeControl / Volume Control for Vista

After finishing the Volume Control widget, I wanted to have something I could actually use. Unfortunately, the current version of DesktopX does not support the new way of changing volume in Vista. Changing volume with the DX API only changes the volume for the DX application (or widget if you are running outside of DesktopX).

Enter DXVolumeControl, a plugin I wrote a month ago to control the master volume in Vista. I just updated it to allow control of muting state (and respond to it via a callback). I also added a peak value property (read-only) to get the playing sample peak value.

The Volume Control for Vista widget will have the following enhancements over the XP version:

  • Volume meter reacts to volume change from the mixer panel or another application
  • Muting state change is reflected on the widget
  • The volume overlay opacity changes with the audio peak value (looks really cool 😀 )

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