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  • Ring engine status update (October 2011)

    Ring engine status update (October 2011)

    There hasn’t been a lot of visible changes since the last status update, but a couple of small graphic problems have been fixed: Alpha transparency drawing is implemented (resulting in correct drawing of ok/cancel buttons) Default menu cursors are now shown properly Dialog box messages with no message type are displayed properly Button highlights are […]

  • Small Ring engine update

    Just a quick update to say that several graphic problems have been fixed since the last status update: Most images are no longer drawn at wrong coordinates (for example the dialog boxes or some screen elements in the preferences) The first line of images is now being drawn properly (fixing corruption that appeared in some […]

  • Ring engine status update (September 2011)

    Since the first commit at the end of January 2011, the ring engine has come a long way. Most of the shared engine code for Ring and Faust has been implemented, along with the whole logic for Ring and a sizable chunk of logic for Faust. The main game view (the 360° view) is not […]

  • Asylum engine update (July 2011)

    I’ve recently spent some time on the asylum engine, implementing the missing logic and display code and fixing problems in the already implemented code. The logic and actor code is now almost complete and most of the puzzle-specific code has been implemented. Quite a bit of time has been spent on the drawing code and […]