Asylum engine update (July 2011)

Sanitarium - Masked drawing with debug rectsI’ve recently spent some time on the asylum engine, implementing the missing logic and display code and fixing problems in the already implemented code.

The logic and actor code is now almost complete and most of the puzzle-specific code has been implemented.

Quite a bit of time has been spent on the drawing code and Max is now drawn with the correct priority. Masked blit has also been implemented, although it is still very buggy (as can be seen on the screenshot). Palette fading is present now (with some small bugs left to fix), making transitions from the menu to a new scene or a movie a lot nicer.

We also tracked down several major bugs, making the text drawing orders of magnitude faster and finally allowing Max to leave his cell. Alexander (midstream) and Alex (alexbevi) contributed quite a bit (implementing almost all the functionality for the missing puzzles and debugging and fixing several problems).

I’m going to be back on Ring for a bit, but the amount of work needed to put the engine in a mergeable state is now a lot less.