Drag&Drop Support, Capabilities for FileSupport Dll

Today I added drag&drop support. Now you can simply drop a logon file and it will be added to the list of logons. I also added support for logonxp format. It only took me 20 minutes from start to finish, and now logonxp files can be imported and loaded.

I had to modify the interface a bit to add capabilities support. Basically it’s a flag that the dll sets to inform the app what kind of operations it can do. The operations available are:

  • Register (register and un-register the file format)
  • Load (load a logon from a folder)
  • Save (save a logon to a folder)
  • Import (import a compressed logon file)
  • Export (export a logon to a compressed file)

 For example, the logonxp dll supports loading, importing and registering.

I also worked a bit on resource replacement. Basically, as you can have HighDPI images and normal images, if one variant is available and not the other, I automatically use the one provided for both scenarios. The same is true for backgrounds. You can provide several resolutions and it will automatically choose the closest match for other resolutions. The function that does it for backgrounds is kind of limited right now and need a bit of testing but that will do it for the time being.