Adventures with WPF Part 2 : LogonSwitcher

After almost a week of work, it’s starting to look a bit better. I didn’t work a lot on the UI so it’s still kind of messy. It’s still using an animated control as the panel to host logons, but I’m probably going to get rid of it for performance reasons (more on that in next post).

I worked on the backend for most of the week. I now have a nice plugin interface that allow FileSupport dlls to be added to support new file formats. I have rudimentary support for logonvista files, as well as it’s own file format.

Although the LogonSwitcher file format support much more than logonvista at the moment (backgrounds as well as others UI elements), it actually took a lot less time to build thank to XML serialization 🙂

I tried to make things as flexible as possible, so that I can add new UI elements without having to update every class. Hopefully it will work without too much special cases 🙂

Note: I know the logonvista is copyrighted by Stardock and they don’t allow other people to use it. I made the FileSupport dll for my one use and I don’t intend to ever distribute it.