Valentine Dream released!

Valentine Heart You can download it from Wincustomize.

Changes from the previous version:

  • New "Heart" particle texture
  • Blur is disabled by default (only for first time install)
  • Toned down the blurring   
  • Fixed configuration window (no more reloading of the Dream on configuration change)
  • Fixed reloading of textures
  • Fixed behavior on higher quality settings
  • Fixed crash in update when the dream was not starting correctly

2 responses to “Valentine Dream released!”

  1. Just found your site by accident. Thanks for giving me some credit on the particle tutorial. Glad it was helpful! The results of your project look very nice.



  2. I found your site looking into info on hacking the DXSDK to use for .dream making. Programming isn’t my best feature (I mostly do tools programming in perl and PHP), but I was still poking around in hopes of finding someone else’s work to modify. Reading your site it sounds like you aren’t interested in doing that quite yet, but perhaps you might be interested in my plan down the road. Have you ever seen a screensaver called Voodoo Lights? It’s oldish, came out not long after the first Monster 3D card did, and was one of the first (and best) screensavers to use OpenGL, GLide and DX. At any rate, it’s been out of development for probably 6-8 years (website at: )

    It would, however, make an AMAZING .dream if someone had the know-how and desire. I just thought it’d be a cool project down the road. Lemme know if you have any interest.