Month: August 2008

  • Nightmares – a dynamic dream testing utility

    Nightmares is a small application created to test dynamic dreams. It runs them in a window, allowing you to debug them easily or to record a preview video. You can set the window size (default is 800×600), chose an output file and FourCC code for the output video. It currently only runs unprotected dreams: the […]

  • DXCanvas – a canvas implementation for DesktopX

    Every major browser has support for it, Yahoo! Widgets has support for it, how come there isn’t something for DesktopX? Enter DXCanvas, a DesktopX drawing plugin that implements the Canvas spec (plus some DesktopX-specific additions). How does it work DXCanvas is a DesktopX drawing plugin, which means it takes over drawing for the object it […]