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Asylum engine update (July 2011)

I’ve recently spent some time on the asylum engine, implementing the missing logic and display code and fixing problems in the already implemented code. The logic and actor code is now almost complete and most of the puzzle-specific code has been implemented. Quite a bit of time has been spent on the drawing code and […]

DockletX 1.2

DockletX has been updated with support for ObjectDock 2. DockletX is a DesktopX plugin that allows you to use ObjectDock docklets on your desktop. Full changelog Add support for ObjectDock 2 Blacklist Weather docklet (it doesn’t work outside of ObjectDock as-is) You can download DockletX from Wincustomize.

Weather Script Component

Hey all! For the past few days, I’ve been working on a weather script component. It takes the form of an independent .wsc script file that you reference in your widget script (setting up license info and registering callbacks), calling a few methods and getting weather/location/alert data in the form of a script object with […]